I’ve had all I can fucking take.  If I could get my steely fingers around their scrawny necks, I would squeeze and wring the life out of their miserable, pathetic bodies.  All the while, screaming, “what’s your fucking problem?”.   Oklahoma Lawmakers have decided that women are inept at making decisions about their own futures and bodies.  They have turned to bullying tactics in order to guilt women into giving birth to children that they were neither prepared for, nor asked for.

“But under a new law in Oklahoma, women like Casteix, who have been sexually assaulted, will be forced to undergo a second trauma. The law requires them to undergo a sonogram, and depending on the state of pregnancy, it could be a transvaginal one, which involves insertion of a wand.”  “The doctor must then turn the screen towards her and describe fetal dimensions and details like the number of fingers and toes and heart activity.  There are no exemptions for victims of rape and incest.”

Do they really think that women that choose abortion, don’t actually think of the consequences?  These women have thought out, weighed the options, and then chosen this as the best course of action.  Unfortunately, they have to be brow-beaten again with the dogma that the State feels is morally correct, which is dictated to them by the idiot electorate in this “great State”, that only vote according to what their pastors and fellow Christards tell them.

 Elected officials have made it so that pregnant women seeking abortions are made to feel so guilty that they abandon their appointments.  Doesn’t that leave us vulernable to home abortion.  Boy, the images of women impaling themselves with coat hangers and then suffering a horrific death by either hemorrhage or sepsis, from their shredded organs, should make the Right Wing feel oh, so warm and fuzzy.

The Bible tells it’s followers that women are the domain of man…….this is why these religitards feel they can dictate, to anyone, what is morally correct.  However, it’s these same religitards that are engaging in extra-marital affairs, having gay sex in order to cure homosexuality and engaging in pedophilia.  And despite their actions, they expect us to follow their perceived notions of morality.

Look, the hypocrisy of the religious and elected officials is of astronomical proportions.  They want us to “do as I say, and not as I do”….this shit doesn’t hold water with me and shouldn’t in today’s society.   They can have my womb, when the pry it from my cold, dead hands!!!!!!!!!