Absolute fucking absurdity, I tell you……absurdity! 

We women have been fighting long and hard to step out of the shadows of our male counterparts.  Well, just when we thought we were free to soak up some of the rays of equality, some tyrannical ass-hole, like this, comes along.

Women are the bearers of what society deems “sensitive” subjects.  What the fuck?  A pregnancy and a period are sensitive subjects?  Since when?  Those are just two biological functions that our bodies do to ensure the human race  continues.  However, I don’t necessarily want it broadcasted to every freakin’ bastard, in my workplace, that I am “on the rag”.   This is public humiliation at it’s finest.  What’s next?  Are they going to come up with bracelets for women to wear during their pre-menstrual week too?  That way the poor bastards in the office can stear clear of those of us that might be bitchy.  Oh, and then maybe bracelets for those women who are going through “the change”….that way they don’t have to explain hot flashes and mood swings either.

Are men becoming so insecure that they feel they need to degrade women in this manner?  Are we getting too close to that “glass ceiling?”  Women perform equally in nearly all aspects of the workplace.  Believe me, if women could come up with some sort of public humiliation for men, we would think about it hard and long and then reject it.  Why? Because that is what is fair and right.